The MiSolFA collaboration counts members from the following nations:

  • Czech Republic: ESC Prague
  • France: CEA Saclay
  • Italy: CNR Genova and IMT Rome
  • Poland: CBK Warsaw
  • Slovenia: Cosylab
  • Switzerland: FHNW Windisch
  • USA: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Core team:

  • Diego Casadei (Cosylab): Project Coordinator
  • Säm Krucker (FHNW):  Science Lead
  • Erica Lastufka (FHNW): Imager Scientist
  • Aline Meuris (CEA Saclay): Detectors Lead
  • Olivier Limousin (CEA Saclay): co-investigator
  • Steven Christe (NASA GSFC): Lead of the Detector Interface Unit
  • Larry Kepko (NASA GSFC): Satellite Lead
  • Konrad Skup (CBK Warsaw): Lead of the Data Processing Unit
  • Petr Suchánek (ESC Prague): Flight Software Lead
  • Anna Maria Massone (CNR Genova): Offline Software Lead
  • Michele Piana (CNR Genova): co-investigator
  • Andrea Negri (IMT Rome): Satellite Verification and Testing


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