The mission

The current baseline is to operate MiSolFA on a 6-units cubesat in polar orbit.  This represents the best trade between performance and feasibility.  The launch is assured by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) on a Vega or Vega-C rocket.  The low-Earth orbit will have a height around 500-600 km, to be fixed as soon as the satellite is ready and the launch opportunity is identified.  ASI will also provide ground stations and telemetry.

The choice of a 6-unit platform (less than 6 liters total volume) sets stringent limits on the MiSolFA instrument, which shall occupy 3 units in a row.  The detector area will be limited to a maximum of 12 cm2 and there will be no more than 15-20 cm depth for the imager.  The power consumption will be lower than 10 W and the total mass of the satellity will be of order of 10 kg.

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